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"What do successful people have in common? They keep the gap between decision and execution extremely narrow."

The agency is convinced that extraordinary results call for extraordinary decisions. That is what we do and that is what the client should do as well. That does not mean to take unconditional risks, but requires the virtue to step onto a new communication path.



"There are two kinds of fools. One says: 'It's always been this way and that's why it's good!' The other says: 'This is new and that's why it's better!' "


Communication and Advertising do not re-invent the wheel every day. But we also cannot rest on successful strategies. Neither you nor us as an agency. We are always back and forth between "Experience" and "Pioneering". But we will keep our calm and create a recipe, somewhere between "old hats" and "new brooms". Because we are only successful if you are.



"One who does not know the cause, will call the impact coincidence" (Werner Mitsch)

Conception needs causality and is not just a list of ideas. Each working step needs a reason. To develop a suitable conception, one is in need of knowledge, for example in a certain industry branch. We cannot live off the past and we cannot utilize the same popular ideas everywhere. Each project, each conception is new territory.

We will explore it, look at what already exists and build something new onto that foundation. Because we will then know how your business is run. And because we know how communication works.




Born in 1969 in Krefeld, Germany, Oliver has started this agency in 1995. He is providing his energy and expertise to clients, partners and institutions in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

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