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exhibition stands // trade shows

Founded in 1995, Oliver Dentges and his agency ever since have assisted domestic and foreign companies in their marketing efforts all over Europe and worldwide. Especially in the field of presentation at trade shows, the company and its owner have worked on effective exhibition solutions starting in 1989.


The continuous efforts made and the successful presence the clients were getting from the agency had an effect on many companies' growth and sales in the course of years.

So far we have realized exhibition stands from 12 m² to 4000 m². From regular system booths all the way to the most futuristic two-storey stand. From monocolor painted stands all the way to the simulation of an Egyptian sandstone cave with torches and hieroglyphs on the walls, a simulated orient express train or a museum as the stage for digital printing media.

But it is our efficiency and reliability that keeps your presentation at trade shows affordable and economically sensible.

SHOW NETWORK: Our partnerships for putting your stands into reality? GLOBAL. Germany and Europe, USA and Asia: HongKong, Shanghai, Istanbul, Moscow, Kiew, Dubai, Atlanta, New York, Istanbul, Mumbai, Delhi ...

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